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Mistake 5: Immediate Actions After a Loss

Immediate Actions: Demo & Mitigation Most people who find themselves in the unfortunate situation of having a property loss find themselves experiencing the claims process for the very first time as well. This lack of a reference point for the claims process can lead to misconceptions and mistakes, especially in the hours, days, or weeks […]

Mistake 3: Being Unaware of the Claims Process

As you have probably already guessed the claims process is very complicated and difficult to navigate successfully. When you have had opportunity to work with a number of adjusters from a number of different companies you realize why—the insurance company adjusters are just people. People who deal with situations differently based upon their training and […]

Mistake 2: Knowing When and How to File a Claim

When to File a Claim One thing to consider when filing a claim is whether or not you should file a claim. In some cases, especially with regard to larger properties or multi-property policies, clients have opted for a larger deductible to reduce the cost of the insurance policy. If the claim looks like it may fall […]