Homeowner Claims

Insurance companies have their own adjusters…you should too.

FirstCall has consistently helped residential property owners recover 30% to 70% more money than what their insurance companies would have paid -- making us a valued partner and property loss advocate. With this confidence and peace of mind, you can begin to turn the tragedy of your loss into a foundation for a better future.


You can expect FirstCall's team of public adjusters to champion your cause with integrity, diligence and a focused determination to keep your claim on the "front-burner" with your insurance company's representatives.  We won't rest until your property loss claim receives the prompt attention it deserves and that the settlement is for fullest amount possible.

Immediate Response:

FirstCall's licensed public adjusters will immediately begin assessing the extent of your loss, including loss to the structure, personal property, additional living expenses, and any other coverage afforded to you by your insurance policy.

Complete Estimate of Damages:

Our professionally trained staff of consumer claims experts will prepare and document a complete estimate of the damages to your property and its contents.  The net result will be a thoroughly prepared property loss claim that provides compelling proof of damages, sufficient to secure a much higher recovery than typically offered by an insurance company representative. We likely use the same software your insurance company uses and are well versed in inventory reporting requirements for many different insurance companies.


FirstCall's experienced public adjusters will conduct all meetings with insurance representatives during the process of documenting, proving and settling your claim. This means you can leave the worrying to us and focus your attention on other important issues!

Regular Updates:

You can expect to be continuously updated on the progress of your property loss claim.  This includes receiving copies of all correspondence, as well as personal reports documenting each step of the property loss claims process.  Our office has an "open door" policy for our clients and we are always just a phone call away! Your best interest is our primary concern and you can expect to be treated like a friend – not just a client.

Case Studies

Davenport Case Study Image
Aaron & Jennifer Davenport lost their beautiful log home in a tragic house fire. Fortunately, FirstCall was able to inventory their home and walk them through the re-create process for their personal property claim. According to Aaron:
"We would have been way behind the eight ball in this process if it weren't for FirstCall. We probably wouldn't even be in a home yet if it wasn't for them. And we wouldn't be able to start moving on if it wasn't for FirstCall. Out of a very bad experience, the FirstCall experience was phenomenal."  

Owen Case Study Image
FirstCall client, Angela Owen, fought tooth and nail with her insurance company until FirstCall began negotiating her claim. She first engaged FirstCall to assist with her personal property claim and also hired an outside attorney to assist her. Eventually, even the attorney encouraged her to hand everything over to FirstCall. We were able to reach above policy limits for this family to rebuild their lives.
"Use FirstCall without a doubt! Don't second guess yourself; don't spend your valuable time fighting with the adjusters, fighting with the insurance company. Let FirstCall do that for you."