"I couldn't have gotten it done without FirstCall. Definitely a positive experience." -Sterling Marlin Read the news report for the fire at Sterling Marlin's farm on USA Today. 


We received this heartwarming message from one of our clients: click here to listen.


"Your company was very kind and professional. Your work got us our full insurance benefit."    - Amy Biggers

“FirstCall was clear on what we needed to be doing and took the pressure off my shoulders and put it on their shoulders. They were able to do a recreate in the house and come up with at least 4 times the amount I expected. I just couldn’t have done it without them. I promise you…they went above and beyond helping me out.”   -Terry Maness


"First off THANK YOU to you and your team! This is really fantastic - you guys are amazing... It's such a strange feeling when you get the impression the insurance company is taking advantage of you. You guys are really doing good work for the people.  There should be companies like yours all over the country. This is coming at a time when I really needed the money, so your work is really a blessing. Thank you!"    - Wieczorek Enterprises, LLC

"You are incredibly helpful. Thank you so much! I could not do this without you."    - J. & L. Morris
"I am very pleased. You guys are right on with the pricing. I really am surprised. Thank you for your help! You're really making this easy."    - M. Tomlin
"I don’t know who started this company but you all are amazing! I cannot believe that there is someone who does what you all do. You are just so thorough; I could never have done this by myself. I just wanted to tell you how wonderful you all are and that when the money comes you definitely will have earned every penny. I'm so thankful for you...I'm just so overwhelmed. You all are wonderful!"    - M. Robinson
"I signed you on only two days ago, and you’ve already increased my claim over $20,000! Simply telling my insurance adjuster that I’d hired FirstCall was enough to make them increase my estimate by almost 70%.  I can’t wait to see what happens with the rest of my claim!"    - D. Bugg
“Pam and I are truly grateful we had you on our side.  To have handled our claim without your help would have been a mistake for us.  I believe it would be a mistake for others, too.  With your help, they finally agreed to pay the policy limits!”    - Tracy and Pam Gatwood
“After my high-rise office tower sustained fire damage, my insurance company wanted to pay less than $500,000.  But FirstCall’s expertise and knowledge saved me valuable time and helped us secure $2 million.  Results like that say it all.”    - Howard Caughron, Intersouth Construction, Inc.
“Initially, I was a bit skeptical of the service of a public adjuster.  However, it was obvious you were making substantial progress in our favor and obtained for us almost twice the settlement we expected.”    - L.A. Green
“I own many rental and investment properties.  The FirstCall team has proven its value to me over and over.  My loss settlements always net out substantially larger – and my time is greatly freed up for more productive activities.  FirstCall is definitely the FirstCall I make when I have an insured loss.”    - Hal Wilson, The Wilson Group
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